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NEW RELEASE              60s sound by Ron    Barrett on Ace      Records.

NEVER RELEASED Recordings by Ron   Barrett & Don Julian         as Meadowlarks.     Coming soon!!

FANITAS PAYDAY       Suit filed in New           York court against Spector.  Eagerly   awaiting outcome!

DOO WOP CRUISE  Coming April 2009        with The Blossoms &     the Meadowlarks!



"The Duals" Saga Unfolds!


EMI, Star Revue, "The Duals"


EMI Promises to Pay

EMI has contacted Star Revue stating they are looking to make payment for past royalties due Star  Revue and "The Duals".  Star Revue, the record label for “The Duals”, Johnny Lagerman and Henry Bellinger, is very excited to finally have a promise to receive the money owed to them. This was a team effort that brought this TOP 40 HIT about and now as a team we are about to collect our first payment. Yes, our very first payment in the 43 years this song has been making money.

Thus far we have resigned Johnny Lagerman and we are in the process of signing Henry Bellingers heir.

The signing process with the heir of Henry Bellinger has been an interesting story. It all started with a letter dated July 20, 2004 which reads as follows:

 After corresponding with Henry Bellingers brother we sent him another letter describing our honorable intentions and it reads as follows:

"I guess if EMI doesn’t pay quickly we might have to call for our back up… HELP Oprah Winfrey!!!" - Ron Barrett


Soon to come... The Duals new exciting Website!!!






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